I would swim across the ocean to be with you!


How many love-bombed victims of toxic romance have heard this type of endearing commitment from a sociopathic lover?

“You’re so beautiful,” and “I’ll love you forever,” are more of the same. When it comes out of the mouth of a man pledging undying love while his wife of sixteen years waits for him in a far away place, all you can feel is total devastation….. particularly when he scammed you for over two years.

One love scam survivor heard it all, and is attempting to turn the heartache she endured into enlightenment for others. Her Crowd-Funding effort, posted on IndieGoGo today, will enable this talented woman to create a documentary that helps society recognize, avoid and recover from toxic romance.

Her trailer includes information from myself as well as Erin Pizzey, noted activist who launched the concept of women’s shelters in Canada and the US. Assemblyman Troy Singleton, framer of the current legislation before the NJ Assembly to outlaw Sexual Assault by Fraud, is also featured.

Please help to support the film’s production costs through your contribution, and spread the word!

Here’s the link!



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