Terrible miscarriage of justice in MA! Clearly, Sexual Assault by Fraud!


Did #MarianRyan let a #SexOffender off the hook?
Marian T. Ryan, District Attorney of Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Did Middlesex DA Marian Ryan let a sex offender wriggle off the hook? At best, she made an unfortunate decision last week. She failed to arrest Dr. Roger Ian Hardy for inappropriately rubbing a patient’s genitals under the guise of a “medical examination.” Patients have complained about this doctor for years!

She claims that MA’s laws don’t give her the tools to do so, and that she’ll push for a “legislative change.” I’d love to see how she intends to change the law and will do everything possible to support that effort!

The current Sheriff of Middlesex County, Peter Koutoujian, attempted to pass legislation on sexual assault by fraud when he was in the MA House of Representatives. His bill did not get sufficient support.

Did #RogerHardy #SexuallyMolest his patients?
Dr. Roger Hardy, Reproductive Endorcrinologist

Medical Daily gives this account of why, even though patients had a long history of complaints, this doctor continues to practice:

Why did the medical board take no action? Having obtained the redacted records from the case, the Globe discovered a doctor who worked alongside Hardy had told investigators that nurses were afraid of losing their jobs. In fact, having reported an incident to their superiors, one nurse and one technician were instructed to remain quiet. Despite a kibosh put on the subject, anonymous reports had been filed yet still the medical board passively allowed Hardy to continue seeing patients. Everything changed this past October, when a physician specializing in reproduction filed a formal complaint.

Speak up to put sexual predators on notice!

Everyone who was sexually exploited by fraud in Massachusetts should send DA Ryan a note. If you are outraged at this woeful disregard for sexual autonomy, here’s her contact information:

781-897-8300, 15 Commonwealth Avenue, Woburn MA 01801

According to Liz Kowlczyk, reporter for The Globe, Ryan said, “There’s no real point in saying to someone let’s go forward when you know you are going to lose.’’

Sorry, beg to differ…… 

Dr. Ho Yin (Aaron) Shiu- arrested for indecent assault and rape
Dr. Ho Yin (Aaron) Shiu- arrested for indecent assault and rape

A couple of months ago, just down the street in Worcester County, Dr. Ho Yin Aaron Shiu was charged with indecent assault, battery and rape for very similar behavior. Dr. Shiu gave up his license to practice medicine in MA. Whether he is found guilty or not, he did not get away unscathed by his behavior.

Prosecutors need to get the difference between “assent” and “consent.” 

Getting violators prosecuted would be far easier if only District Attorneys and Judges understood the English language! There’s a cavernous divide between ASSENT and CONSENT! And sexual contact requires CONSENT! The problem in these cases is that not only does the public not understand the concept of “consent,” but neither do prosecutors, judges and juries!

CONSENT does not mean acquiescence to something you are deprived of knowledge about. In both these MA sexual abuse cases, the victims were deprived of knowledge that the doctor would conduct a sexual rather than a medically necessary action. They agreed to examination, but did not agree to sexual activity. Consent requires that you be “knowledgeable” and “informed.” Assent occurs when you provide agreement, but are not knowledgeable or informed. They CONSENTED to medical treatment, but only ASSENTED to the sexual act. The doctors had no right to sexually touch those patients!

Society’s understanding of the term “consent” must change!

People must understand that there are forms of agreement that are simply not consent. When an offender deprives you of consent, either about the action itself, fraud in the factum, or the actor, fraud in the inducement, they are assaulting, not seducing you, and certainly not living up to their Hippocratic oath to do no harm! A doctor who defiles a victim should be stripped of their medical license and locked up! If Prosecutors understood “consent”……. justice  would happen!


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