March is Fraud Awareness Month!


The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, in a CBC News article, stated that only about 10% of romance scams actually get reported to the police. If that’s the case, the losses of $99 million in Canada’s reported romance scam cases actually exceed hundreds of millions! They also calculate the average monetary loss per victim to be approximately $25,000.00. The FBI’s figures in the US top a billion dollars per year! 

While it’s possible to calculate the harm committed in dollars and cents, there is no calculation that could possibly express the depths of defilement victims suffer under the guise of being “loved.”

Let’s use this month of March to raise our voices high enough to enact new laws and stop this heinous crime epidemic! Join The FORRSC (The Fight to Outlaw Rape and Romance Scams Crimes) to end the scourge of scams that take place all across the globe!

Write your story below and tweet the link using #FraudAwarenessMonth





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